The effects of COVID-19 while opening a new recovery house
Finding Radical hope during radical hope times.
13 May, 2020 by
The effects of COVID-19 while opening a new recovery house
El Rancho De La Vida, Jamie Lebish
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At El Rancho De La Vida we are doing our very best as we try bring new clients to our new beautiful facility in central Maine. We are here to offer a safe place to get well and to recover from addictions with grace and dignity. That being said, we are all coming out of a two-month quarantine while addictions never sleep...

It has truly been a mind bending couple of months for us at the ranch as we have been working very hard to furnish and design our recovery house, design policies and procedures, stock food and assemble all of the working parts. There is no written manual for what we are trying to do all the while remaining true to our values, vision, and mission.

To say nothing of how inept banks, lenders, politicians and others which hold power over money have treated us. We have not been persuaded to give up and we will never give up, but at times it has been impossibly and indescribably challenging these past two months has been for all of us at the ranch.

We are starting to see daylight now as the SBA loans have started to trickle in while we have now onboarded our first couple. Great things are happening in this little corner of the world and we are moving towards the light.

Have faith and things will get better—Peace.

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