Recovery of an old cottage
An exclusive look at the new facility being drawn up and soon-renovated
25 August, 2020 by
Recovery of an old cottage
El Rancho De La Vida, Benjamin Smith
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As we mentioned previously, The Ranch is growing. Our long-term vision of providing a full spectrum of treatment is rapidly becoming reality.

Launching residential and detox programs will be a major milestone. These programs will be housed in a newly-renovated building on the same campus at Good Will-Hinckley, within a cottage known as Redington-Gilman.

The cottage has not been used in some time and you can easily see that it is in a seriously gutted and dilapidated state. But like people in recovery—no matter how rundown—the potential is there. We offer you a sneak peak at this new facility and hope you agree that it has enormous potential.

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