My Story
6 September, 2020 by
My Story
El Rancho De La Vida, Jamie Lebish
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~ It all started in1996 after a horrific automobile accident. A nanny, driving a Mercedes hit my flower delivery truck head on at 55mph. She and her car were basically undamaged-just shaken up. Me... I had multiple facial contusions, lacerations and severe head trauma....In fact I also had deep lacerations to my right knee as the gear shift and half of the dashboard went up into my right knee and upper leg. The resulting accident caused me to have to be rushed to the hospital by way of the Jaw’s of life, to extricate me from my truck. As the nurses pulled pieces of the dashboard from my right leg, I was in and out of consciousness and surrounded by the lovely ladies from my day job at Daybreak nurseries.

 I had never experienced pain at that level in my life. I wanted pain killers but they told me that because of my forehead contusion and trauma they would not be able to medicate me until I had an MRI. Needless to say that I had never in my life been given Morphine for pain. That drug changed the way I saw life in or out of the hospital. Six surgeries later I found myself at home with 3 huge bottles of Oxycodone and Morphine. While leaving the hospital I was told that this prescription would last 3 months and no one ever told me that Opiates cause addiction. Not once did anyone mention that some people would develop an addiction to these meds. The result was me running out of meds and feeling more and more like I had a really bad flu on top of severely racing thoughts. I was a mess and had no idea what was happening to me until a friend stopped by and told me that I was in withdrawal. He had Heroin. He gave me a small match head of white powder on the top of my left hand which I snorted ~ and instantly felt as though I was not only completely cured ~ but my head felt fantastic as well. I was now in the beginnings of a fatal addiction to opiates. That was the start of a three year addiction which ultimately led to losing my house, my cars, my wife and kids. All money and respect from everyone I had ever know. I would up homeless on the streets of Seattle, living in a box.

~This will be continued as time goes by~Rancher Jamie

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