My experience with addiction
My journey into recovery from drugs and alcohol guide me and my team.
18 May, 2020 by
My experience with addiction
El Rancho De La Vida, Jamie Lebish
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I would like to think that other treatment providers and those in this industry have their client's best interest in mind when treating, housing, and advising people in early recovery. In the ten years that I have spent preparing for this day, I have seen myself and others in the field of addiction recovery grow and find that we are not in control. Not in control of anything but ourselves.

The person sitting in front of you is at an impasse that is not always fully recognizable to many "providers". It has always been a hard thing to witness when the person sitting in front of you is sitting in front of you. We tend to rationalize and internalize that which is obvious to people suffering from SUD. What I am trying to say is that most of us want to help, but are truly not listening and understanding the client. Put yourself in their shoes, live and learn from the person instead of wanting to jump in and swim without knowing why you are swimming.

Here's a good way of stating this: What is it that stops a person from wanting a better life? What is a better life and why are we wanting to make it better for the person weeping in your office.

The best advice I could give a provider, an addict or anyone is open your to truly open your ears, open your mind, and open your heart. Once you have dropped all of the bullshit and stigmas we all have, we can begin to paint with broader, more refined strokes...

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